Thursday, August 4, 2011

No Kate Daniels Next Year?

I'm a huge fan of the Kate Daniels series by Ilona Andrews, second only to Jim Butcher's The Dresden Files as my favorite Urban Fantasy series.

A bit of bad news for Kate Daniels fans, there will be no new book in the series until February 2013. There will be though a spin-off featuring Andrea next year instead, which should alleviate some of the pain. Also, it has been confirmed that Kate and Curran will indeed appear in the spin-off. Story wise, the spin-off takes place between Magic Slays and the next Kate Daniels book.

For myself, the Andrea-Raphael story-line hasn't been of much interest to me. But I have to admit that I'm quite curious on what the authors have planned for the spin-off, so a bit excited for that.

Anyways, you can read the full details in Ilona Andrews' blog. And please, don't give them too much shit since they seem like very awesome people.

For those Urban Fantasy fans who haven't tried this series yet, well you should be ashamed of yourselves. And if you did and didn't like the first book, then read the second one, it's much better, trust me.


  1. After the initial shock, I am OK with the new release schedule. I am very curious about the Andrea/Raphael/Roman triangle. Also, I agree with the 'very awesome' label.

    Oh, has anyone ever mentioned your avatar photo could be a model for Nick, the Crusader? He was introduced in Magic Bites.

  2. Hmm, Nick the Crusader, was he the Crusader that looked like a bum?

    Anyways, Jack Bauer is in my avatar, and it would be sacrilegious to consider your idea, but I'll forgive you.

    Kidding aside, who's Roman? Did he appear in any of the short stories? I'm a bit behind on my short stories reading, and if he appeared in any of the novels I'm drawing blank at the moment.

  3. Blasphemy is my name. I didn't know that was Jack Bauer. Yes, Nick looked like a bum, but it was (in part) his undercover facade. When he was cleaned up at the Keep, he was more than presentable.

    Roman is a new character introduced in Magic Slays. He was the volhv Kate stomped on and then brought back to her office after her meeting with Evodokia, the witch. I believe he was Evodokia's son. Roman had the staff that could bite when magic was up. He keyed in on Andrea at first sight. Per Gordon, they have not decided yet if Andrea will choose Raphael or Roman. I'm hoping for Raphael. The triangle has been launched!

  4. Oh, right, now I remember. I'm quite bad with names.

  5. I was kinda expecting this as they had mentioned something similar to this in one of their previous posts.

    I'm cool with it, I liked Andrea's storyline as well and now with her triangle with the 2 Rs, it will be fun to see where the authors go with it. I'm just a bit curious to see how the Kate & Curran Novella will come into play?

  6. After some pondering, I think it's for the best that there's no Kate Daniels novel next year. We're certainly getting quite a bit of content, so very much looking forward to it. That novella you mention Mihir looks like it could be a winner.

  7. The Kate Daniels series is urban fantasy at its best. Magic slays combines truly talented world-building, an impressive array of mythological knowledge, character growth and development, and movement forward in the plot arc of the series. Oh. And it has a bunny that’s a cat in it too.
    This book was a fun read. It took up pretty much where Magic Bleeds left off and addresses the changes that Kate has to deal with after the fallout of killing her aunt and becoming Curran’s official mate. Fielding those curveballs along with some baggage from her past we also deal with a threat to all things magic, and Julie being in danger to an extreme made for a fast pace in this book. It is not a volume I would suggest to start with, as at this point in the series it really is necessary to have the back-story from books one through four.


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