Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Bastard Promotion: Twenty Palaces by Harry Connolly

Going to keep this short. Twenty Palaces by Harry Connolly is quite an awesome Urban Fantasy series, particularly those that are looking for something in the vein of The Dresden Files by Jim Butcher and Jesse James Dawson by K.A. Stewart. So if you enjoy either of those two, make sure to check Twenty Palaces out. There's mystery, suspense, lots of action, a lot of violence, and honestly some of the most messed up scenes I've read on Urban Fantasy.

Anyways, last week a pretty cool trailer for Child of Fire, first book in the series, hit the internet. So make sure you have a look a it:

The trailer script revealed
The full Twenty Palaces trailer is now live

Keep an eye out for the Bastard Reaction of the next novel in the series, Circle of Enemies, which is coming out on August 30. Borders cancelled my pre-order, so at the moment deciding from where to buy my new copy.

Where to buy:
Child of Fire Mass Paperback from The Book Depository
Game of Cages Mass Paperback from The Book Depository
Circle of Enemies Mass Paperback from The Book Depository

Make sure to check out Harry Connolly's website and his blog which is quite cool.

Child of Fire  Game of Cages  Circle of Enemies


  1. Okay, that trailer has caught my eye! And that you enjoyed this one. Wow. Sounds like a huge winner. Thanks!

  2. Well I've really enjoyed it, could be a candidate for challenges *wink*,*wink*

  3. I'm thinking this could be a very good candidate. :) And I'm willing to give it a go some time in the future.

  4. B. got me to start reading this series with his "subtle" pushes too Melissa so be forewarned this guy's sneaky ;)


  5. Hey, if you're foolish enough to associate yourself with someone who calls himself online Bastard, then don't come here whining about it!

    Ever heard the expression "Sneaky Bastard"?

  6. lol. I see he is a "sneaky bastard" so he is. ;D But that is all good. There are books out there that need that little extra push. I've read a few myself. Well worth it, but need a little help getting out there. :)

    Do have to say it's on my WANT list now!


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