Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Update on the Kate Daniels series by Ilona Andrews (by Mihir)

Originally the Kate Daniels series was going to be seven books long, however earlier this year the authors found that they would need the Andrea/Raphael spinoff novel to occur before the next book (Kate 6) for it to work, as detailed in this announcement over here. This was the original release schedule:

1) Andrea book—5/31/2012
2) Kate 6—2/2013
3) Jim/Dali book or Kate 7—Late 2013/2014

However due to a recent family emergency, the authors have revealed that the Andrea book will now be released somewhere in August 2012 and that way the next Kate Daniels book will also be release later than the planned release in February 2013. Their publishers have been very flexible with them and also helped them in this regard, so kudos to them.

Bastard and me would like to send our most sincere good wishes to both Ilona & Gordon and also their family members in this time of personal emergency, hoping that the emergency passes and they become well again. Hoping for the best, and we exhort people show patience and give their support to the Andrews in their time of need.


  1. I do hope all works out well for them. And everyone ends up well. Sad when family emergencies happen. And I say no worries about the books, I know that's a paycheck but family comes first. Sending all my wishes as well!

  2. Thanks man, I think things are getting better.

  3. Hey Gordon, that's good to hear!

    @Melissa You know how to show your support don't you? Walk to your bookshelf, locate Magic Bites and start reading!

  4. *clearing throat* After the ribbing you and SEVERAL others gave me Monday night on Twitter... the book is with me and will be started on lunch today. I've had it in my bag since then to.

  5. Hi Andrew

    Glad to hear about it and hope things return to normal soon.

  6. Definitely good to hear things are getting better. Hope it all works out well.


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