Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Mihir on FBC August-October 2011

For those that don't know my other blog contributor and friend Mihir is also reviewer on the Fantasy Book Critic blog. Since you guys have enjoyed Mihir's contributions to this blog, I thought it would be beneficial to provide links to what Mihir has done, since I started this blog, on FBC. Will try to make this a monthly thing, but here are his posts from August to October:

Review: August 8, 2011 - A Shot in the Dark by K.A. Stewart
This is the 2nd book in the Jesse Dawson urban fantasy series, one that I've been enjoying. I also reviewed it myself.


Review: August 15, 2011 - Ghost Story by Jim Butcher
Latest installment on The Dresden Files, my favorite UF series. Though another good book by Jim Butcher, a bit of a disappointing one. I reviewed it too.


Review & Interview: August 18, 2011 - First Frost by Jennifer Estep
Prequel short story in the Mythos Academy young adult series, I'm a fan of her Elemental Assassin series.


Review: August 26, 2011 - Devil's Cape by Rob Rogers
This looks like an awesome superhero novel. I've been trying to find more superhero reads, so hopefully I'll give this a try soon. Mihir was impressed.


Review: September 11, 2011 - Touch of Frost by Jennifer Estep
This is the first novel in the YA series, Mythos Academy. I got myself a copy, hopefully will read soon.


Interview: September 15, 2011 - Barry Eisler
Very interesting and informative interview, with the author of the John Rain thriller series, which looks quite good. Mihir highly recommends it.


Review: September 18, 2011 - Awakenings by Edward Lazellari
Here's a book I'm very much looking forward to reading, it happens to be the book featured in my first giveaway. Already got my copy, so reading soon.


Interview: September 21, 2011 - Matt Roeser
I had never heard of Matt Roeser before, but he's doing some very nice cover art worth paying attention to. Did some cool ones for A Song of Ice and Fire.


Interview: October 3, 2011 - Philippa Ballantine
Another cool interview, I've read two of her books and have really enjoyed them. Here's my review for Spectyr. Planning on checking out her other series.


Review: October 5, 2011 - Alphas: Origins by Ilona Andrews
Been a fan of their Kate Daniels series, very much planning reading this novella. Already read the novella Ascension by Meljean Brook in the Angels of Darkness anthology.


Review: October 12, 2011 - Silver Shark by Ilona Andrews
This is a sequel novella to Silent Blade, part of the Kinsmen series. Romance sci-fi, quite good in my opinion. I also reviewed it.


Review: October 14, 2011 - The Detachment & The Lost Coast by Barry Eisler
The Detachment is the 7th book in the John Rain series, which has been highly praised. The Lost Coast is a short story set in the same world.


Review: October 20, 2011 - The Infernals by John Connolly
This is the sequel to the YA book The Gates. John is better known for his thriller series Charlie Parker, a favorite of Mihir's. He let's me know on a daily basis.


Review & Interview: October 21, 2011 - A Dance of Death by David Dalglish
Ends the Shadowdance Trilogy, heavily recommended by Mihir. Takes place in the same world as his Half-Orc series.


Review: October 24, 2011 - Zero Sight by B. Justin Shier
Urban fantasy debut series, which looks like a very good one. Really hope to give this a try soon.


Review: October 26, 2011 - The Hour of Dust and Ashes by Kelly Gay
Third in the Charlie Madigan series, a favorite UF series of mine. Mihir reviewed the first two books HERE and HERE. I also reviewed this book.


Review: October 31, 2011 - Song for a Naming Day by Sarah Ash
Had never heard of this author before, but this is a short story set in the same world as her Tears of Artamon trilogy.



  1. I like the idea of you doing this monthly. I try to get to all of the blogs that I follow but I am not always successful. This way I can make sure that I have caught the reviews by Mihir.

  2. Yes, I know the feeling. Since I started the blog, I've neglected visiting a lot of blogs I follow. Got to remedy that. And thanks for the feedback, making this post was a pain in the ass, but now I got a better rhythm on how to do it for next time.

  3. Cool idea to share some of Mihir's works with us. :)

  4. Thanks to both Melissas :) its good to know that someone other than my wife (whom I have to bribe) reads my reviews ;)


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