Monday, November 26, 2012

Bastard Giveaway: Update Winners for Requiem and Eyes to See

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving weekend. Here are the winners for last couple of giveaways on the blog.

Requiem by Tim Marquitz

This giveaway had a multitude of prizes and free stuff, but the main draw was Requiem which was the last book of the Blood War Trilogy, the dark epic fantasy series by Marquitz.

Requiem paperback winner:

  • erin f

Requiem eBook winners:

  • Danielle V.
  • Richard A.
  • Melissa H.
  • galena
  • Nuzaifa H.

There were also prizes for everyone who commented on the blog post during the duration of the giveaway, so everyone who did it won an ecopy of Embers of an Age and Armageddon Bound.

Eyes to See by Joseph Nassise

Two mass paperback copies were up for grabs of Eyes to See, which is the first of the Jeremiah Hunt Chronicle series. Next installment King of the Dead comes out tomorrow, and the winners:

  • Annah S.
  • Dannielle B.

Thanks everyone who took the time to participate, and congrats to all the winners. Make sure to come back this Wednesday for another book giveaway.

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