Monday, October 1, 2012

Info on Clean Sweep: Book One of the Innkeeper Chronicles - Free Serial Story by Ilona Andrews (Mihir)

Due to their books Ilona Andrews have rapidly climbed the reading ranks within the urban fantasy world and my favorites list in the past couple of years. Their writing style as well as their humorous prose along with action-packed story-lines makes their books very addictive to say the least. I’m always looking forward to introduce new readers to their books and so when they announced this new experiment, I was excited to read another new story from this dynamic duo.

This serial story is titled “Clean Sweep” and is book I of the Innkeeper Chronicles. The blurb details were revealed to me by the authors via email & here’s what the plot entails:

In a quiet Texas suburb, life is calm and peaceful, and that's just like Dina Demille likes it. But now something with long claws and savage teeth is hunting on the night streets, leaving blood on the manicured lawns. As an innkeeper, Dina knows she shouldn't get involved.
But with her neighbors' lives at stake, she must make a choice: to remain neutral and stay safe or to risk everything, her magic inn, the safety of her guests, and her life to face an enemy unlike any she had ever expected to meet.”

The first chapter has been posted in parts HERE and HERE, and the first part of the second chapter can be found HERE. This book may or may not be related to the authors' previous work however the authors are being coy about it for now (keep an eye out for clues in the story). For the foreseeable future, the remaining parts of the serial can be found over on  this section of their website, be sure to check back every week.

I originally posted this on Fantasy Book Critic, but wanted to share the information here since both Bastard and I are big fans of Ilona Andrews.

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  1. Oh thanks for posting this! I did see on their blog that they were doing this but was at work. I wanted to put the link on my home computer so I could easily find it, and forgot. Now I'm doing it. :) Thank you.


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