Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Update on 24 Movie - Production to start Spring 2012?

I'm a huge Jack Bauer fan, and by extension I'm also a huge fan of the 24 tv series. Even though many people thought 24 had already run it's course and it was time to cancel, I for one wanted to keep getting my 24 dose during Spring season each year. I thought FOX made a horrible decision cancelling the series, and they have been unable to fill the void.

In any case, since before it was cancelled, rumors of a possible movie have been around. I wasn't that hopeful that they would be able to do it, as shows often have rumors of this type only to rarely deliver. So it was quite awesome to learn that the movie script is getting some tweaking with the goal of handing it in before year end, hoping for a production start in Spring of 2012. Still not a done deal, but I'm glad to see some progress being made as I've missed Jack Bauer and his one handed chokes, damn it!

You can read more about it in Deadline.



  1. I was actually just looking at this yesterday. Definitely my all-time favorite show on television. Hope this movie thing actually takes place and doesn't become an Arrested Development thing, which may tie for all-time favorite tv show.

  2. What do you mean about Arrested Development. I know the movie idea never panned out, but seems like thanks to Netflix it'll be returning for another season or so.

  3. I just meant that it's been in the "rumors" for ages that an AD movie was coming and finally they're going to do one. I think the new season is to set up for the movie. I read that somewhere but I'll have to find it again.

  4. Oh right, I heard about that too. Now I'm not sure if that was the plan before the Netflix idea came up though. So we might not get a movie now, I'll do some research on it later.


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