Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Bastard Invades the Internet

I was invited for two guest post recently, coincidentally both of them went live today. My first guest post can be found on the excellent SF Signal site, as I was invited to their latest MIND MELD: A Look at Genre Reviews which was organized by Paul Weimer; I'm sure you've seen him around. Inviting authors and reviewers, he asked this question:
"Q: What does a good review of a piece of genre work do well? Where do reviewers fall down on the job? How can reviewers improve their craft for the benefit of readers, writers and fans?"
Well, in typical Bastard fashion I went on a bit of a rant. You give me free reign to talk about something, and it's hard to shut off the crap that goes around in my mind. In any case, hope you guys have a look and enjoy not only what I had to say, but that of the other guests. Here's the link once again:

My second guest post can be found on The Passionate Foodie blog ran by Richard Auffrey, who shouldn't need any introduction around this little corner of the internet, but got one anyways a couple of weeks ago here. This time I was invited to participate on Authors, Alcohol & Accolades: Volume 6, where Richard asked fellow bloggers to strip naked and do the Macarena. A few of us didn't have webcams, so he asked us in turn to write two paragraphs, the first one about two of our favorite authors, and the second one describing our favorite alcohols.

I found the first portion hard to answer, considering I have many authors I like, so I opted to mention the authors of my favorite novels of last year. As for the alcohols portion, well beer was mentioned obviously, but I didn't leave it at that. Although you wont find any naked Macarena dancing, please visit the following link for a fun post where us bloggers do a cocktail of authors and alcohol:

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