Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Bastard Reaction: Dexter - Season 6

Together with 24, Dexter has been a favorite show of mine. No surprise there since I've made known how I love protagonist who have a bit of a psycho tendency, and Dexter Morgan certainly fits the bill. Last Sunday, we saw the season 6 finale.

This season Dexter has been a big disappointment for me, easily my least favorite season to date. Can't really point to why this was, only that it wasn't as fun as the previous ones. I think it was partly because Dexter was more subdued this season, and it seems like this season went away from the "monster of the week" setup that worked quite well in previous seasons. That meant less killing. I believe we went for 3 episodes or so in a row at one point without Dexter having someone on his table. Unacceptable. The plot was also slow progressing, and I didn't care much for the villain this time around in all honesty.

Season had some positives though, mainly with the performance of Jennifer Carpenter who plays Dexter's step-sister, Debra. Excellent performance, certainly Emmy worthy. It would be a travesty if she comes off this without some recognition. She was put through an emotional and dramatic roller-coaster, and Carpenter nailed just about every scene.

Additionally to Carpeter's performance, I have to say the kills, particularly the ones perpetuated by the big bads this season, were quite creatively disturbing and excellent all around. Don't know if future seasons will be able to top that aspect, but will be interested seeing how they attempt to.

Season 6 finale in general was more of the same as previous episodes this season, but it ended in quite an interesting cliffhanger. Been waiting for this sort of plot line, so looking forward to how it's handled. Regardless of my opinion of this season, I love Dexter, and even with my complaints, I thoroughly enjoy every moment spent watching this show. Season 7 can't come soon enough.

Anyways, here's a quick scene which was one of my favorites this season.


  1. I agree. I was really bored the first 5 or so episodes, I didn't think the whole Debra becoming Lieutenant was all that great. Maybe it's just losing its uniqueness, it's becoming the same thing.

    I thought season 3 was the second worst. One was great, two kept it going, three got weird and boring, four was amazing again, five a little weird, and this was pretty bleh.

  2. I didn't care much for Debra becoming Lieutenant myself, but I thought it was handled well. Plus it was amusing in my opinion.

    I agree with your take in the series. But in all, I'm not a critical viewer of shows. I watched just about any crap tv show in all honesty. I don't recall ever being bored watching Dexter for example, even though when I thought it was losing it's way.

  3. Looking back on season 6 I agree, it was a bit lackluster, some weird elements "pasted" in the middle of the season (Nebraska!?). I still enjoyed it, but I didn't experience the sleepless nights after an episode like previous seasons. I am glad that the cliffhanger ending happened, I just don't wanna wait till season 7 to see what happens (that is A LOT of sleepless nights....! ! Def not one of my favorite seasons, but still thoroughly enjoyed it.

  4. Agreeing with everyone here. The final scene....d'oh!!! Really can't wait for season 7.

  5. Season 7 should be spectacular. I pretty much agree with your assessment of Season 6, although I don't think it was the weakest of all the seasons. I thought Season 2 was weakest and up until Season 6, I think they have been building it back up to the shear awesomeness we saw in Season 1. But I can see your point of view on your order of things also.

    1. Hmm, I actually really enjoyed season 2 if I recall correctly. Only tempered a bit with the inclusion of that Lila who I didn't like. But that season had Doakes at his best and Lundy on Dexter's trail which made things a bit interesting.

      Now, season 7 looks to be spectacular, and it looks like it'll deliver this time around. Season 6 looked like it was going back to form, and was disappointed, so we'll see.


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