Friday, December 23, 2011

Bastard Giveaway: Winner Updates for Mind Games & Double Cross, Half-Past Dawn & Burned, Den of Thieves & A Thief in the Night

Just realized that I haven't made an update on winners of past few giveaways, which shouldn't have taken this long to announce. Rest assured that winners were contacted early on and prizes sent. Fact still remains that I should make more frequent updates since I know people who participate like to be aware of the results; will do better from now on.

In any case, thanks to everyone who has participated. It's been fun organizing this giveaways, really enjoy spreading free stuff around and hopefully will continue to do so as circumstances permit. I would say this, I recommend to change your names to "Melissa"; for obvious reasons.

Mind Games & Double Cross Winner

We had a guest post and giveaway from author Carolyn Crane, the giveaway was for signed copies of Mind Games and Double Cross. Thanks once again to Carolyn for stopping by and sharing with us an awesome guest post, and those amusing drawings.
  • Naomi Clark

This was a giveaway as a thank you for reaching 300 Twitter and 100 GFC followers. Decided to try something different, offering a couple of thriller books, Burned by Thomas Enger and Half-Past Dawn by Richard Doetsch. It seems like there wasn't much interest of thriller novels here as the participation was a bit low. On the other hand, it gave a good chance for those frequent visitors of the blog who enjoy thrillers to win a copy. Will try to have a few more of those next year. In any case, thanks once again to everyone who's following and contributing in some way to the blog, it's appreciated.
  • Richard Auffrey
  • eks

Once again the folks over at HarperCollins Publishers were generous to provide two copies of Den of Thieves and A Thief in the Night by David Chandler. Together with this giveaway, David Chandler also stopped by with an interesting guest post, so thanks to him also for stopping by. The winners of this giveaway have some things in common, namely they're both called Melissa.
  • Melissa (My words and pages)
  • Melissa from Clearwater

That's it for now, I hope to have more free books for you guys soon. Maybe some things over Christmas and New Years, but nothing sure yet. Keep an eye out just in case. Thanks once again to everyone who has participated, and remember everyone's a winner...or not.


  1. "everyone's a winner...or not."


  2. Hip hip! Hurray for Melissa's! :D Oh, okay, sorry that is me too. ;D lol.

    Thank you for the giveaways and a great chance to win these. :)


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