Saturday, May 4, 2013

Obscene Language Not Included, Vanilla Ice Cream for Some, Others Chocolate Pudding

The other day I was ruminating on how I might want to scale down on how many times I use "fuck" in my reviews. Not that I think I use it that often mind you, in fact, I think I've been quite tame for what comes natural to me. But the fact remains that I have interest in re-posting my reviews on Amazon, so it means that I have to do double the work to edit some sentences so that they're vanilla enough for public consumption. But what the fuck, the trouble is worth it. So all the "shits" and "fucks" will remain as I move forward with my reviews on the blog.

Accordingly, George Carlin came to mind and how long it has been since I've shared with the world just a little piece of his awesomeness. He's by far my favorite comic of all time. A person who I consider to be of high intellect, and to my pedestrian vocabulary limit, a true wordsmith.

It's only fitting that I found this gem for a video that compiles George Carlin imparting fuck bombs from left to right. How awesome is that? A 10-minute video purely showcasing the different ways he's delivered the word "fuck", and it's fucking great. No one can deliver the word "fuck" as Carlin does, including such stellar favorites like "fuck Lance Armstrong" and "fuck Tiger Woods". Considering how things developed after his death in 2008, I think he was onto something.

Needless to say, NSFW, but very well worth the watch. Hope you enjoy. As they say, practice makes perfect.


  1. Enjoyed that! It was fucking awesome! Miss old George.

  2. I've never had a problem with the amount of cursing here. But then, I've been known to have a rather foul mouth myself sometimes, and I really have to tone it down for my own blog, so I can appreciate a bit of where you're coming from. But I kind of like seeing a bit of foul language in reviews sometimes, since it shows that not only did you feel strongly about something (good or bad), but that's writing the review in a personal tone, something that's connected to you and not distanced for the sake of getting some literary soundbites in.

  3. See I don't cuss very often in my reviews - but sometimes STRONG WORDS! are needed, I hate it that freaking amazon wants you to edit that shit out. Pisses me the hell off...pffft fff fff hehe. Yes cuss on I say brother cuss on!

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